Do I use my owe products?

Yes! I use my own products. When I started making bath and body products, I started making them because:

  1. I was allergic to a lot of over the counter soaps
  2. My daughter had eczema.

I wanted to start making my own products so that I could stop going to the doctor’s office for the me and my daughter.

I did a lot of research to see which oils or butters would work better for our skins. I even had to figure out if I could use synthetic fragrance oils or essential oils in my products. Once I figured out what I could use, I went to work. I had a lot of bad batches, but I also had a lot of good batches as well.  It was so much fun trying new things when I was experimenting. And I still do to this day.

I am so grateful for all the help from my family and friends that tested my products along the way. Now I can produce a product I am very proud of. My customers can understand everything that are on the labels of their products and do not feel they are reading a foreign language. Because when I look back at all the soaps and lotions that I have brought over the years…..I could not understand any of the ingredients on the package. So I label my package so my customers can